Screed Mix

The screed mix is an essential factor when completing a screeding project. If the mix is too weak, the screed will not last or be of good enough quality to install the floor finish on to. According to BS 8204-1 the screed mix generally consists of 3-5 parts of sand to every 1 part cement (3-5:1). Depending on the specification of the project, additional polypropylene fibres (PPF) may be mixed into the screed to reinforce the screed.

How to mix screed?

Some companies use ready mix screed however, in most cases these are the two ways that screed gets mixed on site:

  • Pan Mixer
  • Screed Pump

These are the two types of forced induction mixers. To achieve good quality screed, these are the only types of mixers that should be used. Pan mixers are great when there are small areas to cover or the site doesn’t have enough space for screed pumps to operate in. In most cases on construction sites, screeding pumps are the main type of forced induction mixers that are used. This is because it is more efficient when covering larger areas. In addition, they are more flexible than ready mix screeds which are delivered to the site. This is because you will depend on the truck to arrive on time and have enough space on site. Also, it is more costly than using a screed pump.