Welcome To Your Complete Floor Screeding Guide

Throughout our many years of working in this industry we have realised that although there’s plenty of information all over the web on screed, there are still so many questions. Most importantly, all the information that is published is scattered across so many different websites. That’s where we come in!

The purpose of this website is to have all-in-one guides on different aspects of floor screeding. There’s nothing worse than spending hours online trying to find information when it can all be compiled into one place and save you your valuable time. We will also be publishing blogs on frequently asked questions to help educate anyone who intends to find out more about screed.

The areas that we will be discussing will include:

  • Floor preparation and insulation
  • Traditional sand and cement screed
  • Flowing/liquid screed
  • Self-levelling/latex screed
  • Scree testing and protection

To begin, please click here, to read about the basics of screed before viewing the guides individually.